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Envisioning ICON


ICON is a container, a vision incubator, a vessel for pioneers. Our architecture enables generative environments, conducive to give life to visions and creative power. One of our major wealth generators is the community capacity for individual and collective creativity in favor of the testing and creation of new social, emotional, economical, spiritual and environmental forms. We welcome visionaries, innovators, pioneers, people in love with life which passion is conscious evolution.

There is a map of the key pieces (art objects) needed for the growth and development of ICON based on our insights and research. Some project examples are environmental technology, medical and art center, integral education for children, youth and adults. This art objects become attractors for people who have the inspiration and capacities to manifest them.

Sustainable Village is the residential component of the ICON Mexico project. It is a state of the art environmental co-housing development of about 50 houses in fractional ownership in Valle de Bravo Mexico. Sustainable Village aims to offer the infrastructure and the processes to satisfy the needs of its residents, such as low ecological footprint, balanced private-communitarian life style, security, closeness to nature and to Mexico City. Some services are central dinning room with organic food, business center, child care and Waldorf school. It constantly integrates new modalities and projects to cover the growing and emerging needs of its population.

We create and spread knowledge through our Laboratory of Collective Intelligence, Wisdom and Consciousness (CIWC). The CIWC Lab has two main parts: a physical social laboratory and the cyberspace. This infrastructure is in the service and support of all ICON players. It offers direct access to integral tools like PETRA, collective intelligence training and facilitation, integral life practices (physical, emotional, mind, soul), technological resources and communities of practice. We invite other circles that come to learn and teach other the scheme of wealth generation. It is a bumblebee system that stimulates cross-pollination of knowledge, connections and co-creation of the future.

We master internet-mediated communication, learning and collaboration practices to engage in a high level of responsiveness and creativity with larger networks of individuals and social entities aligned to our vision. Global collective intelligence mastery allows us to co-create ICONglobal as a network which interacts and cooperates with communities and organizations interested in innovation and integral community practices across the world.

We act locally, cooperate regionally and learn globally.


ICON has a technological leverage in many domains as it constitutes one of our core wealth and business models.


We are users, inventors, pioneers and weavers of top of the line technologies empowered by a collective intelligence framework and training which opens the potential for a leapfrog in productivity.

Environmental Technologies are used, applied, adapted and the knowledge spread. We are seen as models in this domain for our accomplishments and for fostering synergy for its implementation globally. Our focus is to make them replicable and aligned to our culture.

Our community integrates active learning processes around wealth literacy and community currencies (cc) . This practices and technological tools enable us to measure, trade and acknowledge wealth (visible and invisible) and enhances the promise of an abundance-based economy. We acknowledge the power of money and thus integrate conscious practices for our individual and collective shadows to prevent scarcity social behaviors. We know how to use the Yin/Yang energies to generate abundance. We support meta-currency systems and conscious money.

We congregate camps for open source socialware developers in order to contribute to the unfolding of the open source movement. We also serve as bridges to link the inventors with the activists and organizations that are in need of socialware to deal with their own complexity.

Every person is sovereign and response-able for the design of their own life and learning path. ICON sets the appropriate systems and attractors to empower people in the evolution of their interior and exterior dimensions as well as the four bodies of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in diverse layers of development. Our wealth aknowledgement system (WAS) allows the community to see, acknowledge and reward those people who have the most discipline in their individual growth, the capacity for service and the commitment for the development of collective capacities which are most crucial for dealing with the complexity of our world.

We integrate the wisdom technologies of the ancient traditions in our collective work, as well as the best of what the XXI century has to offer in terms of personal mastery, spiritual and evolutionary practices. Being a community prototype based in Mexico we honor its roots and traditions as an asset which we are committed to expand as an offering to the world.

There is abundance on health, energy, resources, nature, relationships, love, matter and cooperation. We constantly evolve as we nurture each other highest self and open possibilities for emergence.

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There is a core leadership circle which is the
heart that inspires and pumps the blood to all
the ecosystem
. We operate on the belief that    

our most complex problems can be accessed

and solved by those with the will to cultivate

their own capacities and conditions. Leaders

have a rigorous discipline in all levels of the

being intended for continuous unfolding and

the nourishment of new social DNA.

It has capacities of self-organization,

autopoiesis  and a high capacity to handle

high levels of complexity. It is a group of integralists whose goal is to operate in

'supramental' consciousness.The individuals

are continuous 'seekers'.

Pioneers of the new era.

The core has clear boundaries. Is strong and

not condescending because it has the

responsibility for the welfare and integrity of

the community. It is a collective intelligence

circle expanding to become a sphere of

collective wisdom.

It has the capacity to be open and pay

attention to identify and attract pioneers.

Around the leadership circle gravitates the

Yin/Yang network, which is integrated by

two main spheres  “a board of advisors” as

the Yang complement with action-oriented

drive, power of manifestation, invested in

the doing and the “Wisdom council”, the Yin complement that dances in constant

regeneration, creativity and care for the being

and evolution of the community.