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Juan Pablo Rico

Juan Pablo Rico

Juan Pablo Rico, M.S. holds and undergraduate degree in Economics (ITAM, Mexico) and a graduate degree in Environmental Technology (Imperial College, London), he was sponsored by the HSBC/Chevening programme. He has served as Senior Economist Analyst for Somoza Cortina Brokerage House; managing director of Ecogrupos Adventure Travel; founder and managing director of Hostal Moneda, the first green hotel for independent travellers in Mexico (50% water and energy savings) and consultant for New Ventures Mexico, a program of World Resources Institute that fosters investment for enterprises working in sustainability issues.

His postgraduate research, Integral Design for Intentional Communities, analyzes integral applications for organizations and maps them in the 4 quadrants model (AQAL). Based on this work, he is co-designing a methodology to structure and facilitate integral teams that pursue evolutionary enterprises. He is passionate about the study and practice of Integral theory and tools such as ILP (a transformative practice for Body, Mind and Spirit) and Global Collective Intelligence.

Juan currently serves as project leader for ICON Mexico and lives in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.





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