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Our platform

Since the birth of ICON we have intimately worked with integral models (AQAL map) which we have applied for our research on community living, our visions, working platform and ways of analyzing the domains of inclusion for the project. This has widened our perspectives around community design and opened ways of measuring, validating, understanding the implications for ICON as an integral community which integrates and values the objective and subjective; e.g. science, material wealth, culture, and spirituality among others.

Our platform in the being is based on values, principles and agreements. We are aware that inner consciousness reflects external structures. They are interrelated and co-create each other. This recognition is the pillar for our social and learning models, practices and discipline. We value the capacities for delivery, action orientation and reaching goals as well as creativity, communication and spiritual work in a balance of the being and the doing.

One of our main leverage points is the inclusion of collective intelligence and consciousness practices as a mean towards collective evolution. This practices include a work on invisible architectures (language, money, behaviors), shared visions, clarity of intention and agreements, powerful decision-making processes and testing on governance models, as well as the mastering of Global Collective Intelligence for being able to collaborate when we are not in the same time/space.

We believe in the power of leading by example and pioneering of the new. Our purpose for training in collective intelligence is to empower ourselves to be able to co-create, adopt, midwife, expand the emergent social, economical, environmental and spiritual forms which need to be in place as the old forms continue to prove insufficient for the challenges of our time. We are looking forward to birth a community of high levels of integrity and alignment with kosmocentric values which people can contemplate as an icon because of who we are. This will become the most important vehicle of attraction for other co-creators of the new humanity to come and live, play, envision and manifest in ICON.

One of the most important aspects which we highly value and which distinguishes the integral worldview is the balance in between autonomy and communion where individuals are able to benefit from a rich shared living, collective development, peer to peer learning environment and service as well as space, respect and holding for autonomy, sovereignty and uniqueness as individuals.

We are commitment to hold others in their “Higher Self”

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Project and Team Tetra Evolution (PETRA)

PETRA (Fundamental brick/stone)

As part of our commitment to the project and

as a fundamental stone (Petra) of our platform

we are currently developing a methodology

that offers the possibility to reach the team´s highest potential by enhancing the importance

of individual growth and collective practices.

PETRA is an integral sequence based on the

mesh of diverse sets of models, maps and Collective Intelligence processes. It offers a methodology for giving structure to an organization as well as team facilitation

processes for planning, manifesting and administrating evolutionary projects.

It integrates tools that focus in four

quadrants, covering the objective,

subjective, individual and collective.



(for team members)