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28/02/2008 19:38

An undercurrent of conversations is bubbling in all sectors -- among businesspeople, government officials, futurists, activists, citizens over back fences and blogs...

There is a growing sense of crisis
that neither mainstream leaders nor the public quite know what to do
with. Many of us are talking about it in our own circles,
separately, out of the public eye. Very little of this conversation
is visible in the mainstream press and political debates, so we don't
realize how many other people and institutions are discussing it.

Practically everyone has an opinion about this uneasy topic of
crisis. Indeed, there is widespread, legitimate disagreement about
the extent to which a "perfect storm" of complementary crises may be
emerging in the near future, involving, but not limited to:
* peak oil
* accelerating climate change
* serious economic disruption
* loss of democracy
* significant resource depletion (including fresh water and
arable land)
* international instability and terrorism
* increasingly disruptive technology developments and
* "wild card" events such as pandemics.

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