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ICON calls its first stakeholders the Yin/Yang Network (YYN), composed of two main collective intelligence circles which complement and balance each other. Seeking to build the highest possible collective intelligence, wisdom and consciousness we want to assemble a yang board of advisors and a Yin wisdom council. The aim is to marry wisdom and competitiveness, highest individual potential and collective achievement, fulfillment of our material needs and our highest ethical aspirations in service of the whole. Both circles are part of ICON´s collective consciousness.

Being a member of the YYN requires not so much time as quality of time; the YYN facilitators accountabilities seek to maximize the efficiency of the YYN valuable resources, and thus pay huge importance to design the right architectures, agreements and processes such as decision-making, communication, collaborative online environments, and information harvesting that will make this experience intense, fluid and rewarding as we collectively learn new ways of finding solutions to global challenges.

As part of our commitment toward the emergence of new economical realities, ICON is pursuing the implementation of diverse ways of wealth aknowledgement, measurement and redeeming. Thus we will provide retribution in the form of individual [me] wealth ( income, fractional ownership of property in ICON); Collective [us] wealth in the form of Global collective intelligence training (e.g.governance, socialware, social technologies, CI tenets) targeted towards the integration of a collaborative network with the potential to engage in new ventures together; and Global [all of us] wealth in the form of the aknowledgement of your support towards the manifestation of a brave evolutionary enterprise.

Our intention is to document and spread our findings, practices and art objects (tools, resources, network) through socialmedia to expand our work towards other communities which might benefit from our prototyping efforts. The direction is the unfolding of 'The Integral Communities Network' (ICON) where the mexican community is one of the many.

Both networks are finely interrelated and co-create each other. There is holopticism to assure that everyone is informed of what is happening in the whole and aknowledged for their parts. We envision a Yin/Yang network which is able to stretch and encompass diversity. A post feminine/masculine dance of generativity and emergence. We search freedom/fullness, laser/web, individual/community, self-organization/co-evolution.

Two of the first art objects of this network are a collaborative business plan and an Integral sequence for project management that will be published online under the license of creative-commons for the free use of any organization or community that might benefit from it. The next stage will be the funding and the extended team process to assemble a next circle of people that will be in charge of the project details and operations.

The Yin

The Yin network is more based on the inner work on the being. Its main concern and points of intervention and advice belong to the strategic decisions in the feminine/subjective aspects of ICON like:

Integral Management
Community development (take care of the health of the relational field)
Meaning, values and worldviews
Emotional intelligence
Collective Wisdom practices and training
Weaving ICON with other evolutionary projects
Community economics
Comprehending future effects

The Yang

The Yang network main focus is on the external/practical aspects for the organization to manage itself. Its main concern and points of intervention belong to the strategic decisions in the masculine/objective aspects of ICON like:

Integral Management
Architecture and Engineering / Environmental Design
Different modalities of ownership
Finance and Legal
Development Management
Sales and marketing

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The project is currently in the opening of the second stage. In our first work iteration we

developed a profound research about the

forces which thwart or support community

development using the research methodology

and support of Barret Brown from the Integral

sustainability center. We developed the first

Vision and Mission and articulated a starting

point for the business models, preferred

futures as well as the working platform which

is enabling ICON with tools, maps and

processes for managing the project as a

dynamic living organism.

We are now hoping that it will become

populated as people find alignment to their

own purpose (Dharma) in it.

In its second stage we envision a group

of conscious evolutionary individuals

that are willing to take responsability

for ICON´s goals and  might offer a mix

of knowledge, experience, networks, or

any other kind of wealth that can

support ICON come to life and thrive

in its becoming.