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Who are we

 The initiation team is a group of pioneers working on the inner and outer development of themselves, their team and the project itself.

This Team is aware of the importance of Walking the Talk, individually and collectively and of the feedback loops that nurture experience in a developmental spiral. The Team is the Steward of balance and harmony in the Project, the weaver of healthy interactions between the 4 quadrants of the integral map. This  is translated as

Group Coherence and Trust,

Personal Integrity and Authenticity,

Engagement and Commitment,

and Group Integrity and Resilience.


When this 4 aspects are taken care of, tetra-evolution or the simultaneous development in the individual & collective and the subjective & objective arises.


Juan Pablo Rico

Juan Pablo Rico

Juan Pablo Rico, M.S. holds and undergraduate degree in Economics (ITAM, Mexico) and a graduate degree in Environmental Technology (Imperial College, London), he was sponsored by the HSBC/Chevening programme. He has served as Senior Economist Analyst for Somoza Cortina Brokerage House; managing...

Fernanda Ibarra

Fernanda Ibarra

I am passionate about collective intelligence, wisdom and consciousness, it is the ground of my work, research and practice. I collaborate in 3 projects: Open money (community building, process design, communication, collaboration technologies) TheTransitioner (pioneering network, research and...

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The Yin/Yang Network 

Since its foundation, ICON is designed as a

collaborative global process in search of new

paradigms for understanding the world and

sharing knowledge, visions and experience.

The initiation team knows that no single

individual has the capacity to embrace the

complexity of our current challenges,

ICON mission being one of them. What we

can not do individually we will succeed

collectively. Therefore we know that what is

next is to be able to attract a collective which

has the capacity to birth the first Integral

community in Mexico.