Integral Communities Network______________________

What is the Vision of ICON-Mexico?

ICON is an integral community, an icon of human emergence where the manifestation of new social, economical, spiritual and environmental forms is enhanced, empowered and midwifed in service of humanity.

ICON is led by circles of collective intelligence pracitioners which attract proactive co-creators aligned to its vision. Our masterpiece is our individual and collective practices as pioneers of the new Era.


What is the Mission?

ICON exists to generate healthy visions and manifestations about the highest human potential; when weaved together, they can offer a fractal image of the next evolutionary wave, in both its interior and exterior dimensions, honoring Wealth (the Good, the True and the Beautiful) in its whole spectrum.

ICON is an image of our Future NOW.

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This website is the information focal point for the Integral Community Mexico project. In here you can find the why's, how's, who's, where's and when's of the project.

Information is shared in multiple directions: surveys, academic documents, blogs, collaborative experiments such as a business plan under the creative commons license, links to other projects, and more...

The intention after all, is to nurture a global community of innovators in the field of intentional communities in order to foster the potential of communities and their networks.

This is the first version of the website, come back often as it will be growing organically parallel to the interaction of the We.

This place is for You, hands on pioneers of intentional communities, scholars, potential residents and in general any co-creator that feels attracted /inspired by the idea of creating a global network of integral communities.

Welcome to ICON's VISION!